XYC-20 - Digital

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The XYC-20 E-beam evaporation controller is in a class by itself. The unit can be calibrated by the user to their specific system and e-gun. An algorithm determines the beam error from front to back and side to side within the pocket, eliminating pocket overshoot and burn-thru. The pattern control is effectively made linear saving time in programming and setup. Beam dwell time can vary at each location to compensate for variation in beam density. Six pocket sizes and two shapes can be selected.

The unit is compatible with any e-beam source that uses electromagnetic beam deflection. Data ports for external computer control are available to match sweep parameters to the material selected. It also may be connected to the LMC-20 or SL-2012A, and SC-20, for complete coating control.


The XYC-20 includes the XYC-10M. When plugged into the front panel it can be used to move a single point beam around the material for conditioning.