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IDEM Optical Monitor and Deposition Rate Controller
•Rate Control Without Crystals •Coatings That Match Their Designs


SpectraLock 2012A Features

By easily measuring the exact Index Dispersions and Monitor to Work Ratios of your system the SpectraLock can provide:

• Coatings that match their design models
• Rate Control without Crystals
• Optical Thickness Monitoring and Control from 1nm to over 5,000nm
• Customer Tested for over 6 years
• Multiple layers per Witness Chip
• Real Time notice of process deviations
• Interrupted run recovery
• Compatible with most automated coating systems
• Reliability established through over 6 years of commercial use

SpectraLock Operation



Deposit 2,000 - 3,000nm on Witness
and Substrate chips

SpectraLock calibrates Index Dispersion



Load Index Dispersion into your
Thin Film Program


Measure Substrate Chip optical thickness

Calibrate Monitor/Work Ratio using
Thin Film Program

Index Dispersion Enhanced Optical Monitoring (IDEM)

Instead of continuously struggling to get your coating system to produce films that match your design program, why not use the SpectraLock IDEM to allow your design program to accurately predict the product your machine will produce?

What is IDEM?

Two fundamental properties define the full spectrum optical properties of a transparent coating: its Thickness and its Refractive Index dispersion

Current Thin Film Design Programs and Optical Coating Systems use standard materials reference table values for refractive index dispersion in the design and monitoring of coatings. Unfortunately, the refractive index dispersion for each material in a given coating system process deviates from the standards by a small amount. These errors multiply with each additional layer applied requiring expert compensation by specialists for successful results.

The SpectraLock IDEM provides calibration of the exact Refractive Index Dispersion for each material and process you use. Thereafter, your Thin Film Design Program and the Optical Monitoring Controller produce optical coatings that precisely match their design every time without iteration or error.


How Does IDEM Work?

Prior to fabrication of designed coatings, a 2000nm-3000nm calibration layer is deposited on witness and sample substrates for each coating process to be used in your system. The SpectraLock measures the Refractive Index Dispersion of the coating on each witness chip and stores the curves for future use. The substrate samples are then measured to determine the monitor to work ratio for each material.

These process Index Dispersions and Monitor to Work ratios are then translated and loaded into both your Thin Film Design Program and the SpectraLock Controller for precise coating thickness control at each layer.

The SpectraLock is the only commercial instrument capable of measuring In-Situ the broadband Optical Index Dispersions produced by your coating machine.


SpectraLock display during calibration.

Specifications for SpectraLock 2012A

Light Source
Wavelength Range
Operation Modes
Thin Film Program
Rate control range
Number of calibration materials
Number of processes storage
Run recovery
Calibration parameters


Chip Changer (Recommended)
Planetary Drive
Synchronized detection

Halogen Lamp
Bottom or Top Mount, Intermittent
Hamamatsu NMOS
1 nm/min to 100 nm/min
Easily initiated
Sellmeier Coefficients, Monitor to Work Ratio


Eddy Company CC-60
Eddy Company PL-36-14-U
On request
2 years

Complete systems includes:
17" Touchscreen 1280 x 1024 Resolution (8U)
Eddy Computer (2U)
Pullout Keyboard w/built-in trackpad (1U)
Laptop Option replaces the three items above if you do not have the rack space)
SL-2012A SpectraLock (2U)
Handheld Remote
Light Source
Fiber Optic Cable

The SL-2012A also has built in I/O to:
• Command Chip Drops
• Open/Close Source Shutters
• Command up to 2 Oxygen Bleed settings
• Control up to 2 XYC-10/20 E-Beam Sweep Controllers
• Control up to 2 Evaporative Sources without a crystal monitor

1U = 1.75 inches.

The computer comes pre-loaded with the SpectraLock software.

rackmount Laptop

Total Height is 22.75 inches (13U).

Laptop Option


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