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The PL-4817U Planetary System, 48 inch diameter, is a well proven design having been in constant use for well over 16 years. The gears are made from alternating materials of 304 SS and Vacuum heat-treated 17-4 for superior wear characteristics. Each planetary uses ceramic ball bearings with custom ball seperators and treated races. This gives the planetary superior life without the use of lubercants. The counter-rotating mask system works in conjuction with the ceramic bearings to give a 0.01 of 1% uniformity over the entire planet surface and from one planet to another. With the included heat shields the planetary will operate at up to 300˚ C. The planetary has a 3.75 inch hole through the center to provide for Chip Changer, Crystal Head & Temp Sensor to be centered in the system. Also included is a 1.0 inch ferrofluid feedthrough, drive gears, drive motor and motor controller.

This model includes:

• (4) Arms (with gear)
• (4) Planets (support substate holders up to 17 inches in diameter.)

(shown is the 36" model, mounted on a test rig)

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